Baltic Internet Penetration on a Healthy Level

13 January 2015 by Heidi Seybert, Petronela Reinecke

The latest internet penetration data shows Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania positioning around the European average. Estonia is exceeding the European numbers quite a lot, Latvia is close to average and Lithuania is a bit below the common results.

Baltic full market research companies have been slow to adapt the trend of using online panels as a data collection method. Past years have seen a high rise in preferring online panels to more classical methods of CATI and F2F.

In Europe as a whole the weekly usage of internet is 75% and daily usage is 65% of population.

In the Baltic States 82% of Estonians, 72% of Latvians and 69% of Lithuanians use internet on a weekly basis. Whereas 73% of Estonians, 61% of Latvians and 57% of Lithuanians use internet daily.

The data in this article is based on the 2014 ICT usage survey. For more details please visit the Eurostat page.